We’re bringing back elegance and manners, allowing you to connect with your tech in a way that doesn’t interrupt your face-to-face interactions. Connect to what matters with beauty and style. With stylish fine jewelry pieces that beautifully house your tech, you have a discreet way to carry the technology that connects you to what’s important throughout your day. It’s not just jewelry, and it’s not just technology. It’s a beautiful way to manage your modern life, on your terms and in your own style. You decide how to interact with your tech—and you decide when it’s time to look up and give your world your full attention.

From notifying you when an important call is coming through to an easy way to access your favorite memories, with Ela you have easy access to the things that are most meaningful to you. It’s the peace of mind that what you care about is always close to you, so you can fully enjoy every moment of your life— while you’re in the moment.